how to: dip-dye wall hanging




The start of 2016 said goodbye to one share house and hello to another! This one being a slightly smaller two bedrooms rather than 5. Having a completely new and empty space to work with had me in a creative frenzy, and after hours scrolling through pinterest, I came across the idea of making a 70’s macrame inspired wall hanging! Heres a little step by step guide on how to make one for yourself.

what you’ll need:

To make the wall hanging you’ll need some thick white/cream coloured yarn, some food colouring (I used blue and green) and the best lookin’, relatively straight, stick you can find in your backyard! You’ll obviously need a few other tools such as scissors, rubber gloves, and a large bowl.


step one:

The first thing you’ll need to do is cut your pieces of yarn to just over one metre in length. You need quite a few pieces so get cutting! Once you’ve cut enough pieces of yarn, attach them to the stick by simply doubling the yarn over and folding it over the stick to create a small loop. Pull the yarn through the loop as shown in the picture below, pulling it nice and tight and viola!


step two:

After you’ve attached all of the yarn pieces to the stick, the next step is to cut them into a ‘V’ shape, descending from the outside to the middle. I used tape to straighten and secure the yarn whilst I was cutting it, as well as to create an angle to cut along.



step three:

To dip-dye the wall hanging, add a few drops of your first colour of choice (in this case, green) to a large bowl of warm water. Before placing the yarn into the food colouring, soak it in warm water to help the dye set into the yarn.
Place just over half of the yarn into food colouring, leaving for around 30 minutes.

Next rinse the yarn under warm water, and wring out the excess dye with your hands (wear rubber gloves to avoid your hands turning green!) Once the excess dye has been removed from the yarn, repeat this step with your second colour (blue). This time place around one third of the yarn into the dye. Leave in for a slightly shorter amount of time, around 20 minutes.color.jpg

final step:

Once the yarn has completely dried out, attach string to each end of the stick and your new wall hanging is ready to be put on display!


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